how to force DataSet Viewer to also show map and specific colors

May 2, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Is there any way to

a)force DataSet viewer to display the bing maps along with the "isolines" or the "color map" 

See for example the screeenshot of "tasmax(lon,lat) Style:Isolines"


b) Change the color pallet and the color ranges used ? I tryed using the following code:

Dim Palette As String

Palette = "Palette:White,Green,GreenYellow,Yellow,Orange,OrangeRed,Red,DarkRed"

h.Add(New Viewer.VisualizationHint(mainVariablePseudoName & "(" & lonName & "," & latName & ") Style:Colormap; " & Palette))


May 3, 2011 at 8:59 AM


DataSet Viewer can be used in two modes. First, there is a standalone application DataSet Viewer which runs as a separate process and completely managed by a user. Recent version of the application doesn't provide UI to edit palette or force visualization to use bing maps background (the latter is turned on automatically if there are longitude/latitude grids for the visualized variable); nevertheless, an advanced user can tune something using Visual Hints. To show the panel, check menu View / Visual Hints; if it is empty, default hints are used; to make them "user-defined"  just pan or zoom the visible area and the hints will appear. Here you can change list of visible visualizations and their properties; e.g. to set up colors for a pallete of isolines or color map use property Palette (e.g. "rhum(longitude,latitude) Style:Colormap; Palette:Yellow,White,Magenta"). Supported properties are described here. Unfortunately, in the recent version you cannot change min/max of the palette range, it is taken as min/max of available data.

Second, there is a WPF control named DataSetViewerControl. You can add it to your XAML controls/windows and manage it from your code. Few links to information about using of DataSet Viewer control:

I would also recommend you to take a look into the Getting Started document.