Data Format ?

Jul 10, 2012 at 3:24 PM


I am totally novice with this kind of format (NetCDF) and I was wondering if it's fitted the kind of data that we are dealing with.

So, we have Q wellplates, in each wellplate we have R(x,y) wells, in each well we compute S descriptors and for each descriptors we have <alpha> cells. Q,R,S are constants but not <alpha>.

Also, if one day I understand the logic, I would like to add some metadata like images and so on...

I tried to create a basic csv or netcdf file with these data but didn't really succeed.  At the end I had the feeling to implement a basic csv file....

Am I loosing my time to try to handle these kind of dataset with SDS, is there any interest ?

Does someone can please help me ?