Mixing variables with different dimensions gives "bad chunksize"

Aug 8 at 12:32 PM

I don't expect it to be much activity here, but in the name of desperation I still have to give it a shot.
I'm trying to add two variables to a netcdf dataset; one 3d grid variable with the dimensions [time, x, y] and an additional vector time variable just containing the timeline. The dimension sizes are:
  • [25, 1550, 1195] for the 3d variable
  • [25] for the time variable.
Whenever adding the second variable, it throws an exception with the message "bad chunksize". It doesn't matter which one i add first, the second will always fail. Both the time and the 3D grid can be added by itself.
I have tried to declare the time variable as a 3d variable of dimensions equal to the other one which works fine.

Any tips greatly appreciated!