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MemoryDataSet is a DataSet provider that keeps all data in memory. The MemoryDataSet provider is suitable for working with relatively small datasets or for sharing datasets between computational modules. This provider is located in Microsoft.Research.Science.Data.Memory assembly.

MemoryDataSet supports variables of any non-negative rank.

MemoryDataSet accepts the following parameters in the URI (see also DataSet Uri):
  • name Name of the dataset.
  • include Includes variables as references from another dataset, defined as a URI, into this DataSet. Example:
(This is the escaped version of "msds:memory?include=escape[msds:csv?file=example.csv#lat,lon]".) This URI includes the variables lat and lon from msds:csv?file=example.csv. If no variable names are specified, all variables are included.
Creates the MemoryDataSet and adds a variable depending on dimension "x", initialized with an array:
using(DataSet ds = DataSet.Open("msds:memory"))
    Variable<int> var = ds.AddVariable<int>("var", "x");
    var.PutData(new int[] { 1, 2, 3 });

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