Underlying provider failed to open


I have used 1.2 version dlls in a c# project. When I try to distribute the app I get "Underlying provider failed to open" when using netcdf or csv export. I registered netcdf4 manually in code with "DataSetFactory.RegisterAssembly(Assembly.Load ("Microsoft.Research.Science.Data.NetCDF4...". No luck. I used Microsoft click-once in VS and Tarma installer to distribute the app. I get the same error. In Tarma I have used "Use DllRegister Server"will all Microsoft.Research... dlls. They are definitely in the GAC. I have installed SDS 1.2.6754 and 1.3 on these machine subsequently and still get "Underlying provider failed to open". Sometimes the install of these fails with error message that Visual c++ redistibutable is not installed - but it is.
After several weeks of failed attempts (200+) on 7 machines I can say that I cannot find a way to dependably install and register Microsoft.Research.* dlls. The only way it did work was to do a complete install of Visual Studio on the target machines.