Profider ?

Jul 18, 2010 at 4:47 AM

At this web page

command sds info, dipslay (look bootom of page)

> sds info
DataSet Core version 1.2.5657.0

Provider as: class ASGridDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider csv: class CsvDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider asciigrid: class EsriGridDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider memory: class MemoryDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider memory2: class MemoryDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider nc: class NetCDFDataSet [1.2.5657.0]
Provider wcf: class WcfDataSetFactory [1.2.5657.0]
Provider remoting: class RemotingDataSetFactory [1.2.5657.0]
Provider shapefile: class ShapefileDataSet [1.2.5657.0]

Extension .csv: CsvDataSet
Extension .tsv: CsvDataSet
Extension .asc: EsriGridDataSet
Extension .nc: NetCDFDataSet
Extension .shp: ShapefileDataSet

I am interested by shapefile.
Where is this provider for shapefile? Free?



Jul 18, 2010 at 9:56 AM

This provider is intended to read ESRI shape files (see format documentation Shapefile provider was developed in Microsoft Research Cambridge recently. I will look if it is possible to publish it on CodePlex in nearest future or just give you sources.