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DataSetEditor is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that enables reading and writing DataSets. DataSet editor is installed with Scientific DataSet.
The work starts with the Dataset ribbon, which can be found on the Add-in tab.

Ribbon menu:
Ribbon View

The DataSetEditor ribbon menu has three buttons:
  1. Open - Displays the Open Data Set dialog box. When you specify a dataset, Excel creates a new workbook is created and mapes the dataset to the workbook.
  2. Save- Commits your changes to the dataset. This button is disabled if no workbook is active or if the active workbook does not have associated SDS to Excel mapping.
  3. Reset- Undoes all the changes you have made since the last Commit. This button is disabled if no workbook is active or active workbook does not have associated SDS to Excel mapping.

When you open a dataset in DataSetEditor, Excel opens a worksheet with the dataset schema. You can open worksheets with data and add new variables and attributes by using controls on the Schema worksheet. The structure of the Dataset schema worksheet as well as data worksheets is explained in form of comments in this sample workbook.

Some remarks on current DataSetEditor functionality.
  1. You can save to disk a workbook that has DataSet mapping. However, the mapping is not restored when you reload the workbook, so it becomes a regular Excel workbook.
  2. DataSets are dynamic by nature, so the dataset can be updated at any time. If an external user commits changes while you have the dataset open in Excel, changes that you have made will be lost.
  3. DataSet Editor stops receiving updates from the dataset if a new variable was added until the changes are saved.
  4. Each variable can be shown only on one worksheet, so you cannot open the same variable with two or more different display ranges. Instead, you must close the variable and reopen it if you want to change the display range.
  5. To add several metadata attributes to the same metadata section, you must save changes after adding each attribute. Only one metadata entry can be added to a particular variable or to the global metadata section in a single operation.

View of DataSetEditor with the schema worksheet:
DataSetEditor schema view

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