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Visualization Styles

The following visualization styles are supported: Polyline, Markers, Colormap, Isolines, Points, Table and Matrix.

1. Polyline style shows a simple line graph.

x[i] will plot dimension "i" indices on the horizontal axis and values of "x" on the vertical axis.
x(y) will plot a line graph with points x[i],y[i]. X and Y variables must be defined on one dimension.

Polyline style has two optional properties:

Color sets color of line. Possible values are names of color from KnownColor enumeration.

Thickness sets thickness of line in WPF units.

Example: x(y) Style:Polyline; Color:Red; Thickness:3.


2. Markers style is similar to a line graph, but plots individual points instead of a continuous line.

Markers style has three optional properties:

Color sets the color of the points. Possible values are names of colors from the KnownColor enumeration.

Shape defines the shape of the marker. Supported values are Box, Circle, Triangle, and Diamond.

Size sets the size of marker in WPF units.

Example: x(y) Style:Markers; Color:Blue; Shape:Box; Size:10


3. Colormap (sometimes referred as heatmap) plots a 2D variable where the color depends on the value at each point.

Colormap style has one optional property:

Palette defines the colors used to render the visualization. You can specify any number of colors, and they will be distributed smoothly on min/max range of data.

Examples: rhum(longitude,latitude) Style:Colormap; Palette:Yellow,White,Magenta
rhum(longitude,latitude) Style:Colormap; Palette:#00FF00,#FF0000,#0000FF


4. Isolines style shows contour lines for a 2-D variable.


5. Points style requires three variables: value, x, and y defined on the same dimension. The visualization shows points at x[i],y[i] with color defined by value[i].


6. Table style shows several 1-D variables as columns in a table.


7. Matrix style shows numeric values of a single 2-D variable.


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