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Four visualization tutorial projects illustrate different aspects of DataSet Viewer controls.

Visualization tutorial 1 uses the DataSetDataView class to render a 2-D array as a colormap or heatmap, as isolines, or by showing raw numerical values. The DataSetDataView control doesn't have UI for visualization selection, so the visualization method is chosen by setting Visual Hints programmatically.

view.SetHints("values Style:Colormap");
view.SetHints("values Style:Matrix");
view.SetHints("values Style:Isolines");
Visualization tutorial 1 screenshot:
Visualization tutorial 1 screenshot

Visualization tutorial 2 uses the DataSetViewerControl class to explore the contents of a dataset. The default visualization is specified by adding the global VisualHints attribute to the dataset.

// Tell DataSetViewer how we want to show this dataset
                "sin(x) Style:Polyline; Stroke:Orange; Thickness:3;; " +
                "cos(x) Style:Markers; Marker:Circle; Color:Blue; Size:10");
Visualization tutorial 2 screenshot:
Visualization tutorial 2 screenshot

Visualization tutorial 3 adds the VisualHints attribute to individual variables in a dataset.

// Hint at best visualization for specific variables
ds.PutAttr("sin", "VisualHints", "Style:Polyline(x); Stroke:Orange; Thickness:3");
ds.PutAttr("cos", "VisualHints", "Style:Markers(x); Marker:Circle; Color:Blue; Size:10");
Note that visualizations described by hints are shown in bold font.
Visualization tutorial 3 screenshot:
Visualization tutorial 3 screenshot

Visualization tutorial 4 illustrates dynamic visualization of changed data. The Dataset is assigned to the DataSet property of DataSetViewerControl once and the picture is updated each time changes are committed to the dataset. You can press a button to start or suspend updates to the dataset. You can also switch between different visualization types while the simulation is running.

Visualization tutorial 4 screenshot:
Visualization tutorial 4 screenshot

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